Friday, December 18, 2015

Work and Stuff

So... I start work tomorrow .... uhh uhhh agghhh... My friend Emily can testify that I was making those croaking sounds. Well that is just me. Anyways I have no clue about what I am supposed to do on a blog... So here I am posting about my own true life. Okay.... Well.... (Insert Funny Joke that is supposed to make you laugh here)... Anyways I start working at Snowbird tomorrow. Just thought you might be interested in that if you like me. Or if you don't I just don't care. My mission in life.. To hopefully make you smile based on my mess of a life (Enter another funny thing here). Well someone who makes me happy is my friend Emily over at and at She is an awesome friend and is helping me set this whole adventure up! That's all for today folks!

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