Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Taxes And The Pretty Mountains

Today my mom drove me to school, because I still don't have a car. I'm working on it though. She was talking to me and I made my mom repeat myself. I know, not something I was proud of. I was distracted by the pretty mountains though!! I sure love the mountains. I constantly make my friends stop so I can take a picture of the mountains.
Okay, let me just say that I love the mountains. The mountains are just so amazing. My friends just decided to keep walking today. They were pretty fed up with me making them stop so I can take pictures of stuff... like the mountains. I also take pictures of weeds, cars, sunsets, pretty much anything pretty. It sounds weird but it isn't. I promise. Well, maybe it is weird. That doesn't really matter to me. If you know me I am weird. Anyways the whole phone reminder thing is absolutely amazing. I have to do my taxes and they're supposed to be done in a week. EEEEK. I have absolutely no clue how to do them so I set a reminder on my phone to do them this week with my dad. I'm hoping that I'll remember to charge my phone so it can remind me. Fun Fact: I'm really bad about having a charged computer and phone. Also a Fun Fact: A snail moves at the speed of 0.013 m/s at their fastest. Well that's it for today folks. Over and Out.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Guess What- I'm back

Hey everybody, I'm back. I plan on posting regularly now. Since I last wrote a lot of things have changed in my life. I currently attend Itineris Early College High School. It's a fantastic school in West Jordan, Utah. I love it there. The people and academics are excellent.

See? Isn't it just an amazing little school. Anyways, I feel like I have changed a lot in the past year as a person. I am more grateful and more dedicated. I take responsibility for my own actions. By no means am I saying that i'm perfect or that I'm super good at this. It's just some stuff that I've been working on lately. It's been hard but one handy dandy trick is writing reminders on your phone. Set reminders on your calendar or in a planner or something of that sort to remind you to be better. It's what I've done and it has helped me out a lot. Anyways, I plan on writing more often. We'll see how that goes. Well, That's it for today folks.