Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Taxes And The Pretty Mountains

Today my mom drove me to school, because I still don't have a car. I'm working on it though. She was talking to me and I made my mom repeat myself. I know, not something I was proud of. I was distracted by the pretty mountains though!! I sure love the mountains. I constantly make my friends stop so I can take a picture of the mountains.
Okay, let me just say that I love the mountains. The mountains are just so amazing. My friends just decided to keep walking today. They were pretty fed up with me making them stop so I can take pictures of stuff... like the mountains. I also take pictures of weeds, cars, sunsets, pretty much anything pretty. It sounds weird but it isn't. I promise. Well, maybe it is weird. That doesn't really matter to me. If you know me I am weird. Anyways the whole phone reminder thing is absolutely amazing. I have to do my taxes and they're supposed to be done in a week. EEEEK. I have absolutely no clue how to do them so I set a reminder on my phone to do them this week with my dad. I'm hoping that I'll remember to charge my phone so it can remind me. Fun Fact: I'm really bad about having a charged computer and phone. Also a Fun Fact: A snail moves at the speed of 0.013 m/s at their fastest. Well that's it for today folks. Over and Out.