Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Glorious Messes

So instead of doing homework I was scrolling through Pinterest. I know, shame on me. Don't worry it's not due for a week so i'm going to put it off for a little bit.

I feel that often we are all to critical of ourselves. We pinch, poke and compare ourselves to others. The thing is that we are amazing the way we are.

 I am by no means saying that we don't have to do anything but rather we should embrace the glorious mess of our life and try to better ourselves. We shouldn't try to be your next door neighbor's best but your best. My best. Be myself.

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One way I'm trying to do that is be less selfish. I want to stop focusing on myself. Often we pass by someone who is in need of provisions, praise or recognition. We so often selfishly pass by. I learned that from a talk given by Neal A. Maxwell that was shared with me by my dad. The wonderful thing is that if we mess up and are selfish, which we will all do we can move on and be better.

Read the talk here: Repent of (Our) Selfishness

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