Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Break Results


Spring Break didn't go necessarily as planned but it was still fantastic. I didn't get to go to Zion's National Park, but, I did get to go hiking. That was good.

I didn't get to go to Alaska, but I did go to West Jordan to turn in my early enrollment papers.

I didn't kiss any cute boys... but, I did get asked to prom. Fun fact: Kissing was not on my spring break list and I don't plan on kissing anyone anytime soon. Sorry boys.

I got to spend time with my brothers and sister, taking them to school and picking them up. I took long walks, rode my bike as fast as I could and danced with friends. I worked and got off half an hour early. I sunburned my nose and learned doing hair is hard.

Spring break was fabulous even if it wasn't everything I dreamed of.

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