Monday, March 6, 2017

Still here with a full inbox

I promise I didn't leave. I'm still here. Anyways, life has been pretty crazy and I haven't been able to post. Today in my World Literature class I had to ask my friend to repeat himself like 3 times. Then I said I need to use sleep, I really do need to sleep. Another fun (not so much for me) experience, my friend and I bought a box of girl scout cookies from a teacher at school and my other friend Taylor put them on top of a shelf at the very back of the shelf. And if you know me you know I can't jump very high or reach high up and i'm not that tall. Compared to my friend who put them up there anyways. I jumped up and knocked them over and almost knocked the shelf over, luckily I caught the shelf before it could really fall and nothing fell out. I'm so grateful nothing fell out and off the shelf. Also I couldn't add 32 to 54. I kept trying and it just didn't work. Sleep is desperately needed. Now about the full inbox- I haven't checked my email in 2 days and I had 20 unread messages. Crazy, huh? Me being a sixteen year old it seems that I wouldn't really get emails. So- just some craziness to my wonderful life. There's only a week until spring break and I'm hoping i'll do something crazy awesome. Well, until next time.

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